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You've never left the wizard academy before, but today you fell out the window. No time like the present to go explore!

Scrabdackle is a scribbly hand-drawn game about exploring a large inter-connected world, finding secrets, and facing major challenges.

A 2D top-down action-adventure focused on exploration and combat, Scrabdackle is the journey of a novice wizard getting to know their own strange world for the first time.

Adventure! - the wizard finds a hidden cave filled with Dust Mites, and promptly flees

  • Discover new, intertwined areas like the Ducklands and Blustergust Peak. Find new abilities that allow you to push further into Scrabdackle, and find something curious behind every corner.
  • See the world at your own pace, with rare progression gates and an emphasis on non-linear exploration. Although you'll need a full set of abilities to explore every nook and cranny, the order you approach things is entirely up to you.

Challenge! - The wizard and Little Lord circle each other in battle

  • Engage charming enemies throughout the world, ranging from harmless-unless-provoked to hostile. Challenges are strewn throughout the world (some hidden), and "dungeon"-style areas will push you to your limits before rewarding you with new powers.
  • Major challenge arenas and boss fights will test your skills, as your low health and damage never increase, and you'll overcome by leveraging your arsenal of quick-select abilities and learning patterns and telegraphs.
  • Or, turn on the Mage Shield's invulnerability to focus on exploration, if reflexive-skill-based challenge isn't what you're here for.

Experience! - the wizard approaches a fishing peanut, then walks away

  • Talk to personable characters, or walk on by— control is never taken away during dialogue, although some characters may think you're rude if you just walk away mid-chat!
  • Enjoy a whimsical soundtrack and lively, 2D cel animations hand-drawn frame by frame.

And more! - a Dust Mote chases the wizard across a bridge

Controls, Accessibility, and Assist Features

  • Playable with a mouse and keyboard. Controller support is upcoming.
  • More accessibility and assist toggle settings are planned once the game has exited demo state.

Follow the project!

Scrabdackle is currently a vertical-slice demo, starting development in mid-May 2020. Though most systems are complete, there's plenty more content to build and releases planned, and I'd love to have you along for the ride.

👉 Join our community discord! 👈

Other ways you can follow:

  • Twitter for regular gifs and stills of development
  • Bandcamp for soundtrack releases as they are composed
  • Here on itch for some devlogs! Click 'Follow jakefriend' in the top right.

How to else reach me directly:

  • Discord - jakefriend #4098
  • Reddit - u/jakefriend_dev
  • Email - jakefriend.dev@gmail.com
  • Itch - Leaving a comment below!

Footer - a Garbage Eater defends a nearby mailbox from the wizard

Art, music, programming, writing, design by jakefriend. Built in Godot game engine. Full credits in-game.

Updated 2 days ago
Published 18 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date 18 days ago
Made withAseprite, Godot
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Boss battle, Exploration, Hand-drawn, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Top-Down, zeldalike
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksTwitter, Soundtrack


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Scrabdackle 0.1.03 Demo - Windows.exe 202 MB
Scrabdackle 0.1.03 Demo - Linux.x86_64 207 MB

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This game looks absolutely amazing and would love to play it! But sadly I own a mac. So if you could make a mac version that would be great, but It's fine if you don't. I can't wait to see more!

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also great job on the game! i love the art, music, game play, and don't forget the peanut people!


snake guy gave me something and i dont know what it is or what to do with it.

is there something i can do with it now, or is it not in the demo?

It's just for bragging rights - unfortunately the lack of text saying so in-game has been confusing to a lot of people, sorry about that! ðŸ˜…

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That's fine! Thanks for clearing it up, jakefriend!


Just finished the demo - thoroughly enjoyed it. Would easily pay $10 for a full experience. Great job!

Dies with an error when attempting to install this from the itch app on linux, but works ok downloading it manually from the website.


It's a lot of fun! The bomb spell felt good to use, and jumping feels like a natural addition, I like that it's floaty.  The boss was a fun fight with good variety, I really liked the spell reflecting attack. I look forward to seeing what more gets added to it!


fun and very cool, can't wait for more 


A silly, enjoyable, juicy, charming little game! Looking forward to updates!


Ah, Finally you won my heart with this game!

I am Impressed! :D


Amazing demo, thank you for Linux!


This was such a delightful game that I would readily recommend that everyone try out! The art and music are both incredibly aesthetically pleasing and the gamplay is smooth! There is even support for those that want to play the game more leisurely and simply interact with the colorful cast of characters. All in all, I can not wait to see what comes next!


Anyone passing by not sure about trying the demo - the video above is a really good introduction! Take a look and if you're intrigued, you can always come back to try for yourself later 😄

You're too kind, my friend!


I get a black screen at launch. If the renderer is set to GLES3 can you switch it to 2? or are there other solutions?


It's GLES3, but unfortunately I can't build an export in GLES2 as some of the classes I'm using are only supported by 3.

I haven't heard of others having this problem, but I can try to look into it further if you can put the full details of your OS and monitor resolution into a bug report here. I can't guarantee anything though, sorry.


I fell in love with this game, charming hand-drawn animations, fun gameplay, great music. I have never experienced a game breaking bug even though the game was released 11 days ago. There is a god mode option for players that just want to explore and talk to the fun npc's. Explore junk heap, defeat a boss, and collect 5 stars to conclude the Demo.


this looks good, but sometimes, accidentally jumping into water crashes the game, and i haven't been able to get my wand and get to a save point without crashing

Deleted 7 days ago
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Fixed now! Just forgot to clean up after myself when improving the drown respawn code. Thanks for pointing this out, please try the fixed 02c version!

Looks and sounds fun as far as I could get... Unfortunately the game turns all grey except for the mouse pointer on my G14 in the middle of the conversation with the fisher man at the beginning.

Hey, thanks for letting me know. This has happened for someone else, but I haven't been able to reproduce it myself. It's something to do with local display settings.

Could you try the steps described here and let me know if that works?

I'd also be curious to know your monitor resolution size and display scaling %.

Changing scale or compatibility props didn't work so far.

I'm using a 1440p monitor scaled up 175%.

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I'm playing on casual. This was cute and the writing and dialogue was charming and made me want to explore more, but I couldn't find the wand in one orbit of the island, so I quit. I tried looking down every route I could find, but I couldn't find it and didn't want to think harder after work. I wanted to see more but just got bored too quickly. The rewards from the mailboxes were a nice reward to lost wandering to make it less tedious, but maybe consider some dialogue based hints on the wand location for those of us who like bumbling through games while watching TV? Maybe the snake could have been like "If you need to find more gems might I recommend looking in the northwest forest for a wand? I smelled one around there a little while ago." or some shit, I don't know. 


Yeah, I gotta agree with you! I'm working on a patch atm that makes some adjustments for ease of getting started as there's been some similar feedback. There's going to be some more direction towards the wand and a couple "must have wand" barriers to make sure you can't wander too far past it. Thanks for your feedback!


This is addressed in the latest patch! The snake also already was supposed to direct you to the wand - but turns out that conversation branch accidentally wasn't firing... facepalm.jpg


your game is pretty fun, visually nice, and very funny as well. i really like that peanut guard character especially :)


Feels really nice for a demo. It controls well and has a fun artstyle. I'd definitely fork over some cash in the future when this gets further along!


will the full game be free?

 Just wanted to check before I get the demo.


Very probably not - but that's something like a year out and certainly not anytime soon. The intended full game is roughly ~10 hours of gameplay and I don't think I could release that for free, even if the final price ended up being low.

The demo will stay free forever, and is about 25 min of playtime give or take (and will still receive love until the adjacent content is also completed)


Ah, okay. Thanks!


I love this game! I would absolutely pay for it...if I had money
I hope you keep developing it!


This game is awesome! The boss was really fun, and i cant wait for the full version!


Pretty neat. I know the answer is probably "no" but, do you plan to keep it free? Also not sure if its a bug or just a WIP but on the title screen, what i presume to be the name of the game is just a big black rectangle to me.


Free: I'm not sure. It'll be a long, long time til I make that call either way. Certainly not forever, but the final game looks to be 10+ hours and I'll probably start charging a marginal amount as "Early Access, get the full game at no extra cost when it releases" at some point when the content exceeds several hours. The demo will always stay free once it hits a point I'm satisfied with.

Black rectangle: Bug, and not one I've heard of or seen. The title text is made up of 23 images anyway so I can't imagine how that'd happen. Could you send me a picture? To Discord at jakefriend #4098 or email at jakefriend.dev@gmail.com, thank you!

Deleted 9 days ago
Deleted 9 days ago

Replied to you via twitter!


Charming little game ! :D

Deleted 10 days ago

Unfortunately i can not play this game with a non-QWERTY keyboard layout: my WASD keys are not in their “usual” position and without arrow keys it is very hard to move, but the thing that does not allow me to play is that i have to press the Shift key to enter numbers and the game does not recognize this as a valid conversation answer. Using the number pad does not work either.

I saw that there is a controls tab in the settings menu that is disabled. Once it is enabled i will try again.

Sorry for the rather negative note; i can not pass the first screen and can not comment on anything else.


Ah, that sounds frustrating, I'm sorry to hear. I'll look into keybinding in a few days when I'm back from visiting family. I had it slated as a post-demo task but I hadn't pictured it outright blocking anyone from playing, so thanks for letting me know and I'll look into that. I'll reach out when a keybind-friendly build is in place!


Good job mate, nice game! very fun to play!


Good Job


Lovely! <3


wow, really cool game

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Thanks for the Linux version! :D I'll update this once I get to play it
Edit: Fun game, tha amount of juice is goals. Loved the artstyle! Definitely following

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I must say that I love the music. It has that catchy yet somehow cartoonish tune. At first, it might look like it isn't a serious project because of the appsrently fast drawn art, but when u play it, u know it has a lot of stuff "that actually works" and feel connected to a very unique style.

From the transitions, to the bouncing bullets, to the secret areas and dialogue, I must say, this is done by a guy that knows what he is doing. And I'll add that I am envious of your ability. 

Keep it up, this looks really cool, and it's pretty funny how the 'subtle' messages are given too. Really creative!


Amazing. So many great design decisions like being able to walk away from conversations at any time, the amazing minimap, and the really interesting and unique enemies. The game has so much personality and it's just so fun to explore in.


Yeah, nice!