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So glad that this game was recommended to me from email!! love the graphics and the characters move smoothly. Only problem being that it's not very beginner friendly 〒▽〒 died a lot trying to get the wand (was on the hardness level one higher than voyeur.)

full gamne still gonna happen?


Yep! Still a while out, but it's my full-time focus every day :) It's a BIG game, is the thing!


looking forward to it :-)


the level design is so insane, its super enjoyable to actually have to analyze the screen to find pathways to the place you wanna go


do we have the final version out and where can i find it?

Nope! It's unlikely the demo will be updated past where it is right now, other than some quality-of-life thing, and the full game is still a ways out. (The demo is like, a teeny tiny fraction of the content that's gonna be in this thing!)


UPDATES??? YIPPEE!!! i remember i downloaded this game when it was a zip folder and i had to extract it but now its a WHOLE .EXE wild!!! hope every1s doing good!!:)




Still gonna be a while, sorry!




this a masterpiece

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I like it, though, the only problem is that my computer can run it xD, it has good fps, the only part my pc died a bit is when you get the wand and starts a little fight, not 0 fps you know, but it was unconfortable, apart that, i like very much the personality the game have and the design of characters as the intro, epic btw, and the ost too, is very good, the only thing a bit strange was the design of the wand, is like a bit strange, like a different style of art, but when you have it in your hands, you do not notice that.


This is such a fun game I have tried using itch app and the type of game I was finding I love the character designs in all of them and had fun when familiar characters came out with unexpected challenges.


Nice and fun game I have tried some time ago via Itch app on Mac. Definitely worth to try. 

Due to limited time I have only played it for a short 30 minutes or something, so I just seen a small fraction of game and need to explore it more some day.

Jakefriend also shares his knowledge and insights in various places for anyone interested in gamedev.


Very fun game, can't wait to see where it will go next! Please check out my video:

Thanks for making a video, glad you enjoyed it! Just noticed that you were actually playing an old buggy build from Sept 2020, when the most recent build is April 2021 with much more content and polish in general - so some of the awkwardness you ran into is long-since dealt with! That said if you're interested in checking it out again, I'd just wait a few months more until the updated demo comes out :) Cheers!

we gonna get a full gameany decade soon :-D


This game is just amazing, from the gameplay to the graphics to the soundtrack and the sound effects... EVERYTHING is amazing c:

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I need help, when the game starts, the screen where the map (player, enemies, tiles, etc.) should be just gets black after the cutscene, the UI still moves, is only the part where the mage would show up that turns black. PLEASE HELP ME I WANT TO PLAY THE DEMOOOOO


This game is probably the 2nd time I’ve spent most of my time off, the progress is as non-linear as it says and the assist mode just helps when your just trying to explore. i can see this game being very famous soon, it’s just sad my bad device has to go out of it’s way to lag on such a simple yet addictive game. Hope there’s more optimization in the future. I know this is a demo but it already seems like a fully fledged game.


Seriously can't wait for this game to release and I can't wait for more updates and streams!

I am having trouble with the W & S keys, when I press them it only moves me a inch. If this is a problem please fix.

This is a problem with your local device, unfortunately, not the game.


Whats the newest version? top or bottom?

The files are all the same version for different operating systems. There are icons showing which, and you can hover over for the full filename.


one of the best demo i have ever played, i will countine following!


i haven't been able to use itch in a while, and i see an update on scrabdackle. im exited :)


I seriously hope the full version releases soon!


it is not coming our till summer 2022 but it will be worth the wait im sure


Kind of sad that I have to become 38 to play the full game :(


it will be worth it tho

I have an issue when launching the game : i get stuck on the "godot game engine" screen with the music running, and it just doesnt change. When moving my mouse around i can hear menu-type sound effects and i can click things i do not see, but the screen never changes. Im on Windows, x64.

sadly its coming out summer 2022 but it will be worth the wait in my opinion

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Is scrying the visitor centre possible ?

Is it glitched ?

Or is it RNG/position based ?

Nvm i got it. It had to be done from the inside while standing in the right side of the building.

Hey, great game!!

I hope you don't mind that I streamed the game and made a YouTube video on it! Was very fun and had a blast. I got 8 out of 9 stars and even got both Octahedron's [Had to buy one for bragging rights ;) ]. It took me over an hour just to defeat the Waking Fossil [Such a good any% run ;) ]. Was surprised by the difficulty of the fossil compared to Little Lord but oh man was it fun. 

Love everything about the game! Can't wait for a non-demo version, I'm a fan! (also congrats on destroying that Kickstarter).


best wizard game i love it brother please check me out like and subscribe and see u in the next video :)

Katana!! Your energy is so good in this, I was so into how into it you were :D Thanks for sharing!


no problem i love the game best wizard game i played

same tbh

hi Jake I like playing the game but i don't really get the boons. i get one of them makes grinbles spawn but i don't get really notice the other trade-offs, what are the other trade-offs?

Hi I love your game, however I suggest you add a full screen map, so players can more easily see what they have and haven't explored.

When i in full-screen mode the monitor just cuts to black. can i somehow repair it?

Hi arsenkka, that happens when your computer can't handle the GLES3.0 open source drivers the project uses. If you message me at or on the Discord server (link above), I can get you a copy of a GLES2.0 export that will work.

(The full game will have a proper configuration file that manages this, but for the time being, it's just a separately exported executable.)

Thank you for your help, but i don't need it anymore. Still, big thanks for the support!


ooooo pretty game ~

theres a bug with the secret vender when you buy the triangle thing but leave the screen it will disappear and also sorry if this is intended but kind of messed up if it was


I was a huge fan of this game ever since early development. Can't believe we've made it this far! :D

How do I get the linux version?

download the linux.x86_64 version, then go to your terminal, if its in a directory type "cd (folder name)", and then type "./Scrabdackle 0.1.08c Kickstarter Secret Update - Linux.x86_64" if you didnt rename it.


What do you mean by "folder name"?

The name of the folder you have the game in


A fun game. Loved the design and the art style. It has a cool old-school vibe.

Hey I would just like to report a (most likely known) visual bug:

The shadow under the cursor has a twin! (a.k.a. there is just another little circle shadow a few tiles away for some reason)

I think I completed the demo, and I can't wait for more!

will this game be on steam?


Yes! The full release will be on Steam, Itch, and possibly GOG.

GOG? what's GOG?

Good old games. A store like steam. It has it's own launcher.


Will the game be free?


No, I can't sustain a living without charging for the game, nor would I feel comfortable about dedicated a total of a year and a half of my life to giving away a high-effort product for free. The demo will remain free forever, and may still get 1-2 updates in the future.

Ahh woodchips welp at least i can play the first two updates!

by now, it's more lik 3,5-4 years...

When the game full game will be release?

Please see this answer below!


I found a bug!

sometimes when you play, leave, and come back, the characters that you add to the journal will act like you never got them.

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